The Ingredient of Lee’s orthopedic powder

Lee’s Orthopedic Powder consists of 36 pure genuine Chinese traditional medicines, six out of ten of which act on kidney meridian, to activate bone repairing and bone marrow regeneration; the rests act to activate blood circulation & dissipate blood stasis, and enhance the absorption of nutrient substances.

The main herbs are as below: Safflower, Drynaria rhizome, Frankincense,Ligusticum wallichii,Radix angelica and Rhizome of corydalis. High concentration drugs of pure genuine Chinese herbs infiltrate skin and directly reach the focus. Outside-to-inside thoroughly warm meridians and dissipate cold; accelerate blood circulation and dredge meridians; supplement bone marrow. It has the function of pain relief and disease removal.

How to use Lee’s orthopedic powder

Lee’s Orthopedic Powder (medicated salt heating treatment) is a therapy with external application of Chinese medicinals, i.e. medicinals that are pungent, warm, dry and intensive, aromatic and aggressively penetrative in properties are made into fine powder and packed into nonwoven fabric bags. For application, sprinkle medicinal liquor to one side of the medicinal bag; apply the sprinkled side to the affected part and place the heated coarse salt bag, over the medicinal bag for heating application so that the medicinals can reach the affected position directly and heat can stimulate locally the affected skin, for treating from outside to inside, warming meridians to dissipate cold, promoting blood & dredging collateral, promoting circulation of qi to relieve pain, eliminating dampness and numbness. Clinically, it is simple to operate, convenient for fetching the materials, significantly effective without introducing adverse reaction, applicable to various acute and chronic pain syndromes and extensively used clinically. Coarse salt hot application is a local method. Applying heated salt to affected part will make local tissues heated, regulate autonomic nerves, improve the function of motor nerve, expand capillary vessels and accelerate blood circulation, making muscles progressively loosened, bones and muscles flexible, exerting effects of allaying tiredness and alleviating pains. In addition, the heat of heated salt can improve local metabolism which thus can give function of alleviating reflective muscle spasm.

***Pls.kindly note this product must be used with orthopedic sticker in combination.

1. Wash your hands before applying the patch.

2. Clean and dry the affected area.

3. Remove the external packing and leave several minutes for self-heating of the orthopedic sticker, then remove the film to expose the adhesive side.

4. Take one powder bag and spray 10ml of the white liquor on its surface.

5. Put the other dry side of powder bag onto the adhesive side of sticker. Apply the sprayed side directly on the skin in the affected area.

6. Only use one bag to the affected area, the bag can be used for 6-8 hours.

7. The second one may be applied 3-5 hours after the removing the first one.

8. A course consists of 12 patches, and 3-4 courses’ continuous treatment is strongly recommended for best curative effect.


1.DO NOT use on allergic patients.

2.DO NOT use on open wound.

3.DO NOT use on pregnant women.

4.Use immediately after opened, The orthopedic sticker will be self-heated right after external packing opened.

5.Caution of low-temperature burns. Do not use the product in the same spot for too long.

6.DO NOT use the product while sleeping.

7.DO NOT use the product together with other heating devices.

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