Unique Treatment of Jin Gu Town

The unique treating method of Jing Gu Town is called “Herb and Salt Hot Ironing”; it is developed from “Therapy of Hot Ironing”, which is originally found in Classic of Difficulties written by Bian Que, who is considered as the top 1 of the five most famous doctors in ancient China. Li Shu Lin, the founder of Jin Gu Town, combined Lake Salt, Hot Ironing, Traditional Chinese Medicines, and Medicinal Liquor together. He found that these four elements work with mutual promotion, and remove bone diseases with fast effect. The lake salt helps the medicine efficacy; the liquor helps the medicine to infiltrate; the heat helps the medicine to reach the infected area.

Traditional Chinese Medicines: Pure genuine Chinese herbs.
Main function: pain relief and disease removal
High concentration drugs of pure genuine Chinese herbs infiltrate skin and directly reach the focus. Outside-to-inside thoroughly warm meridians and dissipate cold; accelerate blood circulation and dredge meridians; supplement bone marrow. It has the function of pain relief and disease removal.

Lake Salt: Large natural lake salt grain from Khan Lake.
Main function: inflammation diminishing, detumescence and spasm alleviation
The large-sized natural lake salt from Khan Lake acts to guide sovereign(principal) drug into kidney meridian, activating the repairing and regenerating function of bone substances in the kidney meridian. After heated, it has the functions of inflammation diminishing, detumescence and muscle spasm alleviation.

Hot Ironing: Physical heating to accelerate medicine infiltration.
Main function: vasodilation and partially blood circulation acceleration
The hot Ironing process helps capillary vessels dilate and blood circulation accelerate; makes the drug rapidly infiltrate the aching spot with high concentration. It has the function of tiredness allaying and pain relieving.

Medicinal Liquor: Specially manufactured orthopedic spray
Main function: draught expelling, cold clearing and channel dredging
Spray the medicinal liquor on the surface of medicine pack to maximize the medicine effectiveness. It also has the function of draught expelling, cold clearing and meridian channel dredging.

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