Pain Relief Cooling Patch

Indications: pain and numbness relief from neck, shoulder, back, waist, knees, legs, arms and joints caused by rheumatism. It also has effective benefits on aching muscles caused by strains, spasms, wrenches etc.

  • MOQ : 40 Patches.
  • One Set is 20 pieces Cooling Patches
  • Freight require detailed calculations



Back Pain

Joint Pain

Cervicar Pain

Shoulder Pain



Arm Pain

Muscle Pain

It is suitable for all sub-healthy people, such as pain and waist pain caused by rheumatism, soft tissue injury, sciatica, upper and lower limb pain, numbness, scapulohumeral periarthritis , cervical vertebra, lumbar discomfort, joint flexion and extension inconvenience, bone pain caused by excessive exercise.

Treatment mechanism

Cooling Patch

Our products are sold 30 million per year and are well known in more than 20 countries around the world. These are just a few patients who use our products to ease their pain

Cooling Patch has preventive, healthcare and convalensence functions for pain, swelling, numbness of the joints. It also has effective benefits on aching muscles caused by sports, strains, spasms, wrenches, traumatic injuries, rheumatic pains and aching backs, neuralgia and so on. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect of the Knee pain relief patch is provided by the effect of closed entry. The use of Knee Pain Relief Patch does not cause any reactions on the part of organs and systems.


  • High elasticity : Good malleable and easy to use;
  • High permeability : the most scientific opening, keeping breathability, without sweating
  • Natural : all natural plant ingredients, no chemical medicine
  • Gentle formula : pure natural plant fragrance, no irritant ingredients and no side effects


1 Course = 20 Stickers. The minimum purchase 40 pieces Prostatic Plaster




Pain of muscles and joint due to Osteonecrosis of the Femeral Head, Strain of lumbar muscles, Slipped disc, Tenosynovitis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Senile osteoarthritis, Periarthritis of shoulder, Synovitis, Rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, Ischialgia

Please insist on using Pain Relief Plaster with physical and oral drug for treatment

Long-term use

Acid subsidence and pain caused by Hyperplasia of bone, such as cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, knee joint disease and calcaneal bone spur.

Please insist on using Pain Relief Plaster and Pay attention to care bone daily.

Use 5 courses

Injury, tennis elbow, lumbar leg pain, upper and lower limb pain, numbness, soft tissue injury pain, trauma, fracture pain, movement disorders

Please insist on using Pain Relief Plaster, pay attention to maintaining correct posture in daily life and work, avoid excessive strain on joints and take regular rest. You can take a hot bath when your joints are tired, relax tight muscles.

Use 3 courses

How To Use?

  • Wipe the skin off the corresponding area with warm water or alcohol cotton before apply.
  • For heavy body hair, please Shaving the topical area first, clean the affected area, bend the patch and remove the film to expose the adhesive side.
  • Apply the adhesive side directly on the skin in the affected area.
  • Apply the more than one patch on the effected area, if effected area is bigger, the patch can last 2 days.
  • The second one may be applied 3-5 hours after the removing the first one.
  • A course consists of 10 patches.
  • Note: when you taking a bath or shower, you can remove the plaster first, after drying the skin, Apply the second one again.


DO NOT use on allergic patients.
DO NOT use on open wound.
DO NOT have any spicy food during use.
DO NOT drink any alcohol during use.
  • Use immediately after opened.Broken pads are forbidden to use.
  • Note: Some people have the rash during use, why does the rush appear?
  • Because there is glue on the plaster, it maybe appear rash who are particularly sensitive to skin, but it doesn’t not harm the body. If itchy, can be slightly scratched or out of use for two days.


JamesCompared to Other Products: Strong Muscle Relief, but Strong Smell As Well: UPDATED
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Unbelievable! I am amazed at how good these Patches are. I have since ordered two more lots. The large 5" X 3" I cut in strips for my knees and ordered the 140 packs of 2.5" X 1.6" with the larger size for my lower back. I am waiting on a knee replacement (arthritic) & had a Baker's Cyst problem in my other knee. Mobility was seriously compromised & painful. I cannot take any form of anti inflammatory medication. I speak only from my own personal experience of these. Almost instantaneously, certainly within half a minute or so, after applying them, I could feel the pain easing in my right knee (the B Cyst one)! Not as dramatic in my arthritic knee. Both knees have freed up markedly from a pain & mobility point of view. I was not into golf, rock climbing or anything super ambitious. I am 73 and want to be able to walk, shop, enjoy my grand daughters & keep mobile for my own health and well being. Large pads certainly ease lower back pain slower & not as fast as knees. Recommend 100% Cheers
Casey Bemis
Casey BemisReally works for minor soreness, small patches that stay put.
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I swear by ZB Pain Relief Patches for muscle pain. I work horses almost daily and combined with barn labor, there are weeks when it seems like something hurts every single day. Peel and stick a patch on the exact spot for immediate relief. There is aspirin and menthol in these, so a bit of that menthol smell, but it's not overwhelming. The patches stay where you put them even if you sweat a bit. I really like not having to take pills and push medication through my entire body just because my wrist or shoulder is sore.
@MrBrightside816Helps relieve pain!!
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These patches work great. Whether it's a stiff neck in the morning or a sore back from a long day's work, a couple of these patches in the trouble area helps me get through the pain. The patches work much better than ointments and they don't smell as strong as ointments. I recently hurt my back at work and have had to use these patches regularly every day to relief the pain enough to get through my day. Highly recommended!!
Colleen Marie
Colleen MarieEffective for moderate tendonitis pain
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