Four Generations

Four Generations

legend of Lishulin

Founder of Jin Gu Town -- Li Shulin, renowned bone-treatment physician

Li Shulin (1880 ~ 1969), founder of Jin Gu Town, a renowned bone-treatment physician in the reign of Guangxu of Qing dynasty, the inventor of Lee’s Orthopedic Powder and hot drug salt medicated compress therapy, who ever acknowledged Lu Huangqi, head of the four renowned doctors in the capital, as his master. In the reign of Guangxu, Yuan Shikai suffered an intolerable back pain, after several years of unsuccessful seeking for medical treatment, till recommended to Li Shulin as his physician, after treated via hot, salt, physical circulation and drug, in less than one month after applied with Lee’s Orthopedic Powder, pain relieved, and got cured in less than two months like an normal people. Yuan Shikai was very appreciated, and personally bestowed on a jade Ruyi to show his thankfulness. Since then, he was reputed in the capital, and founded Li Shulin Zhenggu Plaster Old Shop in the capital in 1899.

legend of liming

Second Generation Successor of Jin Gu Town -- Li Ming

Li Ming (1922 ~ 1958), the second-generation successor of Jin Gu Town, the firstborn of Li Shulin, the founder Jin Gu Town. In 1937, when Li Ming was in his fifteen years old, his father began to pass on his bone-treatment medical skill. His father was extremely stringent to Li Ming, instructing him to handle everything by himself, and do not seek for help from others. He studied assiduously, learning diligently, till make astounding improvement in skills, not only in succession of his father in skills to the best extent, also obtained full of praise in medical ethics from local people, who was called the Healing Hands living Buddha by the local people. Jin Gu Town became the place of hope for those who suffered bone diseases to get rehabilitated, there was a saying that “Find Old Shop for bone diseases, Li’s father and his son have good treatment technique, kindness like Bodhisattva, saving patient, called the first shop of bone treatment”.

legend of Liyushan

The third-generation successor of Jin Gu Town -- Li Yushan

Li Yushan, born in 1941, the third-generation successor of Jin Gu Town, the youngest son of Li Shulin, the founder of Jin Gu Town. Li Yushan inherited his old brother’s behest by learning bone-treatment crafts with great concentration. Under the patient guidance of his father and his own continuous efforts, bone-treatment crafts get improved significantly. Later, with the help of friends and relatives, Li Yushan removed to Xi’an to continue the legacy of special bone-treatment crafts his father left, fighting in the front line with bone diseases. In 2010, at the Fifth Forum on Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine and “To the World” Summit, he was cordially received by state leaders and was awarded the title of Special Technique in Chinese folk medicine. In the same year, at the Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Expo, he won the “hundreds Famous Physician”.

Legend of LiQiang

The fourth-generation successor of Jin Gu Town -- Li Qiang

Li Qiang, the fourth-generation successor of Jin Gu Town, graduated from the Department of Economic Management, Xi’an University of Technology, in 1994; From 1995 to 1998, engaged in sales work in a joint venture pharmaceutical company; From 1999 to 2003, own his business; In 2003, established Hong Kong Zhongbang Pharmaceutical Group, with its three subsidiaries in the country, mainly engaged in chain operations of medical bio-polypeptide. medical apparatus and health care products, with businesses extended in such dozens of countries as Europe and America, Central Asia, etc. From 2007 to 2010, successively, received a further education from president class of Tsinghua University in Beijing, HSBC School of Business of Peking University, School of Business of American University of Hawaii and American Wharton School of Business。