If you are crazy but not lazy, YOU might be just what we need.


What can you do:

1. You can be representatives of selling our products

                              2. You can apply to join our franchise program and open your own store

                       3.You can be international representatives of our franchise program


And You will be the next millionaire!

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Please continue to see our legendary journey

A successful start-1899

At age of 12, Li Shulin started learning TCM from a very famous doctor. Lee was quite smart and extremely diligent, and he read lots of medical books and pharmacopoeias, as many as he could.

First Shop of the JinGuTown

In 2009, Jin Gu Town reopened in Xi'an

In the 21st century, Jin Gu Town steadily fulfills the corporate vision of “Chinese dream, Chinese medicine dream, let TCM culture go to the world”!

International Business Unit

With the establishment of the company, under the leadership of Mr. Li Qiang, the president of the company, the company has set up an international business department that is responsible for all aspects of the company’s overseas operations.

Jin Gu Town, International Department

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Our mission is: In order for all people in the world to have a healthy body

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