A centurial well-know traditional
Chinese medicine brand with
four generation inheritance
warmer, much better


Work together to create wealth by joining in Jin Gu Town

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Founded in 1899, Jin Gu Town is a leading brand in spinal health care and is dedicated to developing traditional Chinese medicine and culture and strengthening the spine for people all over the world. Lee’s orthopedic powder has unique curative effect and remarkable curative effect


Chinese Culture


Investment Policy

To be a world brand with warmth


Body Tuina

Relieve stress and muscle strain with relaxing and gentle massage.

Body Tuina menu


Herb Compress

Have good Shujing activity, hurricane dehumidification

Herb Compressing


Salt Compress

Blood circulation, anti-inflammatory, cold and dampness, Shujing active

Salt Compressing


Essential oil massage

Help sleep, firm skin,
beauty and beauty

Essential oil massage



Herb Compressing

High-concentration drugs penetrate the skin and have the function of relieving pain and eliminating diseases.

Salt Compressing

After heating, it has the function of inflammation subsiding, swelling and muscle spasm relief.

Physical Heating

Helps telangiectasia and accelerates blood circulation

Hot Compressing

It has the function of relieving fatigue and relieving pain.

Professional technician support and job creation


Grand opening of the store, the trend of globalization

Franchising time: June. 2019
Time period needed to break even: Three months

In September 2018, Japan opened its grand opening, and in February 2019, it opened a second store in the United States, which was promoted as a transportation hub in the United States…

Foreign Affairs

USA Michigan Partners

China Dream, TCM Dream; Be known to the world

The global proportion of sub-health of white-collar workers is 86%, There are more than one million physical massage shops around the world The number of patients with chronic diseases is increasing, and the sub-healthy population is intending younger. Maintaining good health becomes a rigid requirement at modern world.