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Shaanxi Jin Gu Town Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Established in 1899, Jin Gu Town is a leading brand of Spine Health Care & Rehabilitation, dedicated to developing Chinese traditional medicine culture and strengthening spines for people all over the world. With it’s unique treatment and significant curative effect, Lee’s Orthopedic Powder is considered as a heritage & development of Bian Que medical culture, and has been collected by Bian Que Memorial Hall—the Chinese largest Museum of Chinese Medical History. Moreover, Jin Gu Town is honored by government as Intangible Cultural Heritage and Excellent Start-up Program. Through 4 generations of development, currently Jin Gu Town has many franchises all over the world, where each year over 6 million people get treated and rehabilitated. Now Jin Gu Town is still growing with great ambition to spread more and wider worldwide.

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Our Distributor

Samantha Moore (USA)

As a mom, I have to take care of both children and job. Jin Gu Town gave me an amazing opportunity to run my own business.Patches, yoni pearls are just top sellers in my local.Nice experience to do something about health care. Over the last 10 years, my friends have seen my success and they have been involved in it. It’s a good business.

David Team (Brazil)

When working with Jin Gu Town, I never had the headache about quality and delivery time again.Fantastic supplier ever. This year I just got promoted in my company.I really appreciate that. The clinic is going to expand this year, because it’s a good product,

Denis Artamonov (Russia)

10 years ago I got a very serious pain in lower back, when looking for therapies, I found the pain relief patch of Jin Gu Town. Excellent patch helped me a lot. I decided to develop together with them. Now I own a online shop with nice sales in Moscow, sometimes even purchase from overseas. Great therapies and a really reliable business partner.Все просто замечательно… Спасибо.

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